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Enchanting Art Déco Style

What can be more French than Art Déco? ⁠

✨1925. Paris. Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes was  largely dedicated to the jewelry arts.⁠

✨It was the era of the modern post First World War woman: out with the corsets, in with the cocktails and cigarettes, wearing makeup, driving, yachting and dancing till dawn.⁠

Bijoutiers-artistes emphasized design over intrinsic value. Architects, painters,       sculptors, artists all shared ideas and designs. ⁠

✨Chic new geometric shapes, glittering mosaic patterns, long dangling earrings, extremely long sautoirs, bib necklaces with large gemstones, massive rings with a colored center stone cut en cabochon, hair ornaments.⁠

✨It was the era of innovation and exuberance.⁠

✨ We love Art Déco Style jewelry and carry a number of pieces in our Jewelry Design Studio. Each piece of our Art Déco style collection is created in 925 silver and adorned with over a hundred brilliant cubic zirconia stones in different sizes, shapes, cuts and patterns. Bold geometric designs of center stones, flirty movement of gemstone laden tassels, brilliant exuberance of the sparkling white cubic zirconia, all capture and tantalize anyone looking so that they look again!  

Book a private appointment with me to view and shop our beautifully curated collection of earrings, rings and necklaces in Art Déco style.  We offer both virtual and in-studio private appointments, within the safety guidelines to ensure our clients health and well-being during the time of COVID-19.

✨ Please enjoy this short video of my LIVE Instagram conversation with the lovely Parisienne, Audrey Attia, who created these beautiful pieces.

✨ Don't forget to follow me on Instagram at milana_stile for day-to-day jewelry styling, inspiration, conversation and new collections.


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