Milana Stile is a consummate collection of chic designer costume jewelry handcrafted by artists in Italy and France.


Established in 2010, Milana Stile was born out of Milana's exceptional private collection of bijoux de couture curated over the years.  With a keen and discriminating eye towards both the style and quality, Milana curates pieces that combine flair, imagination, historical reference and opulence, and which are made from the finest materials and with the same workmanship techniques employed for the fine jewelry.  The materials include high quality natural stones, gilded metal (brass, 925 grade silver), pearls, Swarovski crystals, cameos, enamel, lucite and genuine Italian leather.  

In 2018 Milana Stile has debuted her own branded collection of bijoux de couture which was designed and handcrafted in collaboration with the artists of Creart2 from Arezzo, Italy.  

Jewelry is art, and adornment is power. It can define you, bring a different side of you, or let you be someone else in a fun and imaginative way. 


Milana loves to give personal attention to each client, to tell a story behind each piece of jewelry, and to help each client to come into her own style, one that elevates the personal style of a modern woman from ordinary to extraordinary.  




it's a labor of love


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