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Cast in 24 Kt gold-plated brass, this bracelet has an enamel finish. The brass is hollow inside making this bracelet feel very light on your wrist.  The enamel is hand painted and then flame strengthened to ensure durability.


Great with a casual look. 

Petite eagle bracelet

    • 24 Kt gold-plated brass
    • Enamel finish
    • Circumference 5.5", width 2.5"
    • Hinge
    • Made in Italy
  • The Animal Collection consists of jewelry pieces handcrafted by various artists in Italy and France. Each item has been individually created with meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process.


    The use of symbolism has been an important part of adornment since the ancient times. Animals were often used as amulets for both their protective and special ability features. The eagle with its keen eyes symbolizes perspicacity, courage, strength and immortality, and in Ancient Rome it became a symbol of power and strength.

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