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Cast from ceramic with 24 Kt gold plating, these earrings are carved to resemble a beautiful rose. They add an understated romantic touch to any outfit you choose to wear.  



Rosette earrings

    • Burnished antique gold finish
    • Made for pierced ear
    • Drop 1.25", width 1.25"
    • Made in Italy
  • Each rosette for the Roses Collection is individually handcrafted from ceramic by artisans in the historic zone of Capodimonte Naples, famous for its superb ceramic craftsmanship. The carved rosettes are then covered by metal, and after the final polishing are either gold or silver plated through a galvanic process. The gold used for gold plating is of highest quality (24 Kt certified) without any nichel or cadmium, ensuring durability, scratch resistance and the highest protection from allergic reactions.


    The use of symbolism has been an important part of adornment since the ancient times. And, in particilar, flowers have been a common motif in jewelry among many cultures for centuries. Whether it was the ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, or others, the rose has always been a timeless symbol of love, beauty and balance.

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